What they said.

Dear Mark
I hope this reaches you, just wanted to apologise for not saying good bye, we didnt get the chance!
We had a wonderful time and you made us very welcome, we hope to stay with you again in the future
kind regards
Carol, Bertie & Izaak

[South of France October, 2013]
The family had come back to see family locally.
Izaak was helpful on the farm and drove the tractor and muck spreader.

Dear Mark and Susan
Just a quick note to thank you for making our stay in your cottage so enjoyable. Thank you for the cake which when down a treat. We did not do several of the things we had intended to do as there is so much of interest in the area. So we might be returning in the future.
Best regards

Henry S.....
[September, 2013]

An extract from the visitors book in the Coach House

Email received 19th January, 2011:

Hi Sue

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you to you and Mark. My kids, myself and my Mum had a lovely time at the cottage at the weekend. Big thank you to you for the lovely sponge cake which went down very well, and to Mark for taking the time to show us around the farm which I know the children really appreciated...I hope he made it to Church in time!



An extract from the visitors book in the Shippon.