Acorn Cottages started as a small construction business based in the East Midlands region. The family-owned business serviced several communities and villages in the region, mainly building farm cottages and garden sheds.

Hayden Campbell was just a young boy when his parents opened the small business. He grew up watching his father and mother work most of the days of every week building cottages and sheds.

In 2010, Hayden took over the business himself as his father and mother grew older. Acorn Cottages is now one of the top provider’s construction providers here in England.

Introducing Rural Life in England

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As a tribute to his parents and all of their hard work in building the business, Hayden decided to share the business’s milestones online. Hayden created a blog showcasing Acorn Cottages throughout the years.

In 2013, a lifestyle magazine became interested in the blog and asked if it can be featured in their next magazine issue. After that issue was released, Acorn Cottages’ blog became one of the top-rated blogs in England.

In 2015, the blog was converted into a magazine with a monthly issue about lifestyle in the farmlands and rural life. A blog about construction is now one of the top lifestyle online magazine here in England.

Expanding in the UK

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By 2019, Acorn Cottages expanded its content scope to farm cottages, accommodation options on working farms, and the many activities you can do here in England. It is lifestyle and tourism brilliance all in one spot.

The online magazine started making a lot of great impressions outside England and throughout the UK. In December 2019, Acorn Cottages had more than 600,000 subscribers. So, if you want to learn more about the vibrant side of life, subscribe to our online magazine today. If you need more information about our online magazine and subscription services, contact us today. Don’t forget to subscribe.