Are you looking to be more productive this weekend? Weekends are mostly all about relaxing or taking a break from a busy week for all of us. But that does not mean we can’t be busy this weekend as well. Busy is not always a bad thing, there is a good busy and that is always a lot better than doing nothing at all. Here are some things you might want to give a try this weekend. Start a Farm Cottage Project A farm cottage is not meant to be built on farms or farmlands alone. You can have one right at your backyard. ThinkRead More →

Country life or farm life is a big selling point in tourism here in England. People are looking to escape the city and the best way to do that is to go where there are no buildings and cars. So, for the perfect farm getaway, here are the places you should visit. Hall Hill Farm, County Durham Have you ever seen a lamb giving birth and watching the little ones crying? Well, you need to visit Hall Hill Farm during the spring. One of the highlights of your trip here is seeing a lamb bear its children. You can even bottle feed a lamb. ThereRead More →

Buxton is a small town in the East Midlands region. It is not that popular when it comes to international tourism. That is why not many people know just what this “small” town has to offer. If you are planning to visit Buxton soon, here is your ultimate guide to really experience and immerse yourself to the brilliance of this town. Poole’s Cavern This particular cavern is only a couple of minutes away from the heart of Buxton. In here, you’ll see a lot of weird and unusual concretions and of course the poached eggs stalagmites with yolk-like pigments on the tips. You are sureRead More →

When you say tourism or travel to England, what enters your mind? You’ll of course immediately of London, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, etc. But England has to offer more than just history places and beautiful structures. Country life in England is very much alive in many areas in the country. That is why country life or rural tourism is booming here. Farm accommodation Have you ever heard of farm accommodation? Well, to sum it up, this type of accommodation or service is all about charming and rustic B&Bs or farm cottages in the middle of farmlands and greenspace. It is a type of tourismRead More →