Here in the market town of Macclesfield, it is not what you can do but what you can experience and the places you can experience. To really make your trip worth it, here are the places you need to list down for you to visit. It is best to stay at least four days to visit most of the top places here. The Peak District Visit the UK’s oldest national park that has been around since 1951, the Peak District. From here, you’ll see an endless stretch of green fields and mountain ranges from afar. A walk around the park is not going to cutRead More →

When you say tourism or travel to England, what enters your mind? You’ll of course immediately of London, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, etc. But England has to offer more than just history places and beautiful structures. Country life in England is very much alive in many areas in the country. That is why country life or rural tourism is booming here. Farm accommodation Have you ever heard of farm accommodation? Well, to sum it up, this type of accommodation or service is all about charming and rustic B&Bs or farm cottages in the middle of farmlands and greenspace. It is a type of tourismRead More →

There is so many reasons why people build farm cottages. If you have one in your own backyard, then you probably know at least one or two of those reasons. So, for our readers out there, you guys should really consider a farm cottage for your own home. To help nudge you in the right direction, here are the top reasons why people build farm cottages. For Farming The main reason of course is for farming purposes. Farm cottages are mostly built on secluded areas near your farm and not in backyards. Farmers and field workers use farm cottages for so many reasons. Some useRead More →